A Unifying Perspective in the Contemporary World

A Unifying Perspective in the Contemporary World


Meditation & Neurological Conditions

Consultant Neuropsychologist Niels Detert explains how meditation can alleviate the suffering of people with long-term illnesses

“Human nature is both aware and compassionate, and it is there to be discovered by anyone, whether they think of themselves as engaging in a ‘spiritual’ activity or not.”

Robert Lax: A Life Slowly Lived

Robert Hirschfield on the contemplative practice of a remarkable 20th-century poet/mystic.

“For Lax, there was no seam between walking, praying, writing. All experiences were to be fully absorbed, integrated into a life fully lived.”

A Thing of Beauty…

David Hyams describes the creation of a new ark for the Synagogue in Oxford, UK.

“The proposal was that the patterns on the ark could be produced by the sound of the congregation at prayer.”

Connecting with the Unseen World

Kira Perov, wife and long-term collaborator of the video artist Bill Viola, talks to Jane Carroll about the ideas and experiences which inspire their work

“These video works give us the gift of time. They give the viewer time to spend with these images, to move from our physical ‘real’ world to a metaphysical one.”


Calligraphy – A Sacred Tradition

Distinguished calligrapher Ann Hechle talks about her lifelong quest to understand the underlying unity of the world.

As I grapple with putting letters, words and drawings together, I am using strategies that belong to a much bigger and grander world, which are part of universal law.

A Thought at Christmas…

What is the universal significance of this festival celebrated at a pivotal moment of the year?

“What would it be to experience time, once more as the moving image of eternity, the continual incarnation of the divine…?”

Reconciliation and Justice in Australia

How a nation is trying to heal the wounds of its colonial past and reconcile with its indigenous people

People had been asked: “What can be done to heal the situation?” and many had replied, “If only someone would say sorry”.

Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama

Jane Carroll visits a new memorial which aims to heal a dark period of American history

We have to face up to the past in order to come to a proper understanding of ourselves and our world


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