Love returns you to yourself
if you let it;
Love will bring you through the wild valleys and the turbulent waters,
Until only love is speaking to Love.

From: The Way of Love, by Paul Finegan

Isthmus Theatre presents a blend of stories, poems and sketches, which offer an entertaining and engaging theatre performance of material on themes from the perspective of the Unity of Existence.

In December 2016, Paul Finegan and Anthony Mulligan closed the International Conference on: Mysticism in Comparative Perspective, organised by the Mystical Theology Network and hosted this year by Glasgow University. George Pattison, Professor of Theology, who chaired the Conference, said:

The performance was a wonderful way to bring our International Conference to an end, combining comedy with readings. It was funny, entertaining, thought provoking and beautiful by turn. The performance combined comedy with readings of some of the world’s most poetic mystical texts, and responded to the intellectual content of the Conference in a way that reminded us of some of the human dimensions of what we had been talking about, and that a purely academic discourse can too easily gloss over.

In April 2017, Isthmus Theatre closed the Scientific and Medical Network’s Mystics and Scientists’ 40th Anniversary Conference, entitled: The Continuing Quest for Unity and Integration, at Horsley Park in Surrey. David Lorimer, the Network’s Programme Director, said:

The engaging and entertaining performance by Paul and Anthony of Isthmus Theatre helps remind people of central insights about the journey of life, with a light touch, even while dealing with serious existential issues. I would highly recommend them to future conference organisers dealing with a mystical theme.

Poetry, stories and sketches carry ideas and meanings in a way that can speak to an audience and involve them personally in those ideas. Poetry particularly speaks directly to the heart, as can laughter and such a theatre performance can give a taste that gathers an audience together. When this happens, there is a movement into another ‘space’, which is quite palpable and evident, and opens a real invitation to explore further.

The intention of Isthmus Theatre is to develop performances which explore the possibilities of the engagement and direct taste of something of the individual potential for each person.

Performances last for approximately twenty minutes, for which Isthmus makes no charge. Paul and Anthony are continually developing the material, so that it may be individually tailored to particular events.

Future presentations include one at St Cuthbert’s Church in Hawick, and one for the Poetics of Science seminar weekend at Chisholme House, in the Scottish Borders, from 23rd-25th June.

Isthmus Theatre can be contacted at:

Let me renounce yesterday

and tomorrow,
let me be stripped of name,
let me leave gender,
and lose all colouring:
tribe, nation, identity,
let it all be seen as it is:
mist boiling off in the morning’s sun
to show the land as it was never seen before,
wraiths of cloud parting, illusions lifting at a blink.

When all this has gone,
what then is left?

Let me be as I was before becoming,
let time and space fall away,
all shells discarded,
so I sit before my origin
there in the heart
where only Love has measure,

and all else is consumed,
brought to dust,
shattered completely by the thunder of Love’s arrival.

So all is brought before Love
For Love’s own becoming.
Then I will be as I really am,
and Love’s colouring can bring me out anew.

From: Let Me Sit Before Who I Really Am, by Paul Finegan