Ibn Arabi Study-week Retreat

August 27, 2016 – September 3, 2016 

‘The Twenty Nine Pages’ revisited and the Wisdom of the Self in the Word of Jonah, in the Fusus al Hikam by Ibn ‘Arabi

Course Description


Three to four days will be spent revisiting the Twenty Nine Pages in which we will seek to uncover its relevance and meaning. This will be followed by spending  two to three days reading the short chapter on Jonah from the Fusus in the light of  the metaphysics of  Being and Beauty.

This is somewhat of an experimental development combining what some would see as a more-than-metaphysical perspective with the ‘Wisdom of the Self’. Along with study there will periods of meditation, work, and spiritual practice.

Accommodation & Timing

The course is fully residential. More about student facilities at Chisholme

. It starts at supper time (7pm) on Saturday evening and runs until the following Saturday after lunch (about 2pm).

The location is Chisholme House, a beautiful, secluded estate on the edge of open moorland, deep in the hills of the Scottish Borders. It is roughly an hour’s drive from Edinburgh, Newcastle and Carlisle, with a regular bus service from Edinburgh and Carlisle to Hawick, the nearest town.

Directions to Chisholme


Cost & Booking


£375 including full board and lodging for seven nights. A £60 non-refundable deposit is needed in order to confirm your place; the £315 balance is payable when you arrive.

A note on course fees: there are no standard concessions offered because the fees have already been kept low. However, we do want the courses to be available for people on low incomes. If the fee is a genuine difficulty for you then perhaps we can help.  Please write to secretary@chisholme.org to enquire about a concession.

To book your place, please email secretary@chisholme.org. Visit the Chisholme Institute website for further details.



Course Facilitator


Peter Coates is the author of Ibn ‘Arabi and Modern Thought: The History of Taking Metaphysics Seriously. Peter graduated from the University of Lancaster and researched at Keble College, University of Oxford. He was Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Dept of Psychology, University of Lincoln. Peter has been connected with the dissemination of Ibn ‘Arabi’s universal perspective for many years. He has given talks on Ibn ‘Arabi and Plato, IbnArabi and Kierkegaard, and Ibn ‘Arabi and William James. He has also written on Ibn ‘Arabi and the Ecological Crisis. He served as a Director of the Chisholme Institute for many years and helped supervise the six-month winter retreats at Chisholme. He has visited by invitation Australia, America, Morocco and a number of UK destinations in various related capacities. Although now retired his experience and insights are invaluable.

The Chisholme Institute

The Chisholme Institute, Roberton, Hawick, Scottish Borders TD9 7PH www.chisholme.org

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