Ibn ‘Arabi Study Afternoon: the Heart

January 20, 2018 (2–5pm)
The October Gallery, 24 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AL

An afternoon seminar on Ibn ‘Arabi’s Fusus chapter on the Heart facilitated by Michael Cohen and David Hornsby.

Event Description

The success of our two study afternoons last year have encouraged us to arrange another seminar comprising study of the work of the great spiritual teacher Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi. The aim of the study is to nurture a sentiment for self-knowledge, rather than for any academic or cultural benefit.

No prior knowledge of Arabi’s writings is needed. The seminar is designed both for those new to his work and for long-term students. The study material will consist of writings by Ibn Arabi and related authors, in English translation where necessary.

In this seminar we shall look at Arabi’s treatment of “the Heart”.

According to the Twenty-Nine Pages:

“…….. Ibn ‘Arabi metaphorically calls the human ‘heart’ the instrument through which esoteric know­ledge is transmitted, or the centre wherein it is revealed. It is not the [physical] heart itself … that is meant by this instru­ment; it is something else which, ‘though connected with it physically and spiritually, is different from it and other than it’ “.

According to Arabi, in the chapter on the Heart in the Fusus al Hikam:

“Know that the heart means the heart of the knower of God … which is from Divine Mercy. And the heart of the [knower of God] is larger than the Divine Mercy, because it is large enough for the haqq [the Real, God].

In his book of poems, the Tarjuman-al Ashwaq, Arabi writes:

“O Marvel! a garden amidst the flames.
My heart has become capable of every form:
it is a pasture for gazelles and a convent for Christian monks,
and a temple for idols and the pilgrim’s Kaa’ba,
and the tables of the Torah and the book of the Quran.
I follow the religion of Love: whatever way Love’s camels take,
that is my religion and my faith.”

The material for this seminar will include extracts from the chapter of the Fusus on the Heart and other relevant passages.

Booking & Fees

Cost: £8 + registration fee from Eventbrite

Entry by ticket – refreshments provided

Michael Cohen at london@beshara.org or 020 8300 7928

Course / Event location

The October Gallery, 24 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AL

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