Not long after the Beshara Trust was founded in 1971, and an open Beshara centre had been set up at Swyre Farm in Gloucestershire (see A Brief History of Beshara), it became clear that something even more was required: a secluded place, removed from the pressures of contemporary life, where people could study, meditate, work and learn about their essential nature, with single-minded attention and concentration.

Despite its very needy and derelict appearance – or maybe because of it – Chisholme House, near Hawick in the Scottish Borders, turned out to be the ideal place. Renovation work began in preparation for the intensive six-month winter courses, and from 1975 to 2015 Chisholme was known as the Beshara School.

An independent Scottish charity, the Chisholme Institute, was set up in 1978 in order to complete the process of purchasing the Chisholme estate, and this continues to administer the school, its courses and the place.

The essential remit of the Chisholme Institute has remained unchanged since 1978. It is committed to providing a superlative and comprehensive education in self-knowledge in the light of the unity of existence. It also continues to engage in educational research and development, so that its courses reflect the changing times. A course of evening classes and online courses have been developed in recent years, making the education offered at Chisholme available worldwide. In March 2009 the school gained accreditation from the British Accreditation Council (BAC), making it easier to receive students from abroad.

The Beshara Trust maintains close links to the Chisholme Institute, sharing resources and collaborating on course development and promotion. Many of the courses listed on this website are held at Chisholme. The Chisholme Institute’s website features details of all events and activities at the school, plus a wealth of other information.

Chisholme House, Roberton, Hawick TD9 7PH, Scotland, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1450 880 215

The Chisholme Institute