Meditation & Neurological Conditions

Consultant Neuropsychologist Niels Detert explains how meditation can alleviate the suffering of people with long-term illnesses

“Human nature is both aware and compassionate, and it is there to be discovered by anyone, whether they think of themselves as engaging in a ‘spiritual’ activity or not.”

Ibn ‘Arabi Study Day

May 25, 2019 (11am–5pm)
The October Gallery, London

A day of study of the chapter on ‘The Wisdom of Beneficence in the Word of Loqman’ from Ibn ‘Arabi’s Fusus al-Hikam (The Bezels of Wisdom).

Notes from the Underworld

May 25, 2019 (2–4pm)
The Cornucopia Room, Scottish Borders
June 1, 2019 (2.30–4.30pm)
Mulberry House, Edinburgh

A talk by Janet Bowers exploring and embracing death as one of the most essential aspects of our humanity from a psychological and spiritual perspective.